The new look of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), reintroduced as TO Transit, maintains a historical factor through bold visual elements. We wish to celebrate its 100 years of service by re-facing an old design with a modern flare, and instill a value of Torontonian pride through connectivity, reliability and recognition. The city has recently adopted the short-form of T.O.; this shortened name brings a lively and sophisticated element to the logo re-brand. The conjoined letters illustrate the purpose of the transportation system: getting people from one place to another. Toronto Transit connects all parts of the city and its surrounding areas with one simple system. The strong sharp edges of the “T” are recognizable as the tracks of the train lines and conjunction points of intersections and streetcars. While the roundness of the “O” represents a wholeness of a complete system; end to end of the city, and a return trip of a commuter. It is also recognizable as a wheel - an element present in all modes of the TTC’s transportation vehicles. Across all visual communication materials, we’ve created a strong visual identity for an iconic brand that is timeless and will be visionary for the next 100 years to come.